The Women and Children’s Refuge and Outreach Support

What we do

We are a Specialist homelessness service; Our refuge provides safe and secure short-term crisis accommodation for single women and women with children who are experiencing Domestic and Family violence. We also have limited access to transitional social housing properties in partnership with Community Housing Limited and the Women’s Housing Company.

Our outreach team also supports women and children experiencing homelessness through case management in the community.This includes women experience complex issues such as those who are sleeping rough, or mental health concerns and addictions.

How this
service helps

Warrina’s SHS team provides advocacy, assistance with safety planning, support to access legal advice, referrals for counselling and other wellbeing supports, assistance to obtain/maintain government allowance, employment, training and educational assistance, financial information, material aid/brokerage, living skills/personal development, support to access legal information and advice, cultural connections, school liaison and other supports identified in a client’s case plan.

Who it’s for

Warrina works with women and people who identify as women who are separated. We also work with their children. Our focus is on supporting people who have experienced domestic and family violence and/or those who are homeless.

How to access
our service

If you are looking for help for yourself call 6652400 and have a chat with our team.

We also operate an on-call crisis service. You can call us 24/7 to get support if you are unsafe and do not know where to go. Please call 000 if you are in danger.

A Woman’s

A mother and 3 children who are seeking refuge accommodation after fleeing DFV, they left in the middle of night whilst the perpetrator was asleep. With only the clothes on their backs and their pet dog they drive a few hours to escape. Calling the refuge after hours and explaining the situation, the on call worker is able to provide emotional support and reassurance to the woman. After some time on the phone ascertaining what happened and feeling confident the family will be ok until the next morning, the on-call worker is able to arrange for temporary accommodation. The next morning the woman and her children make their way to the refuge and meet the team, the children are invited to play in the rainbow room (a dedicated children’s play area) while mum spends time with an intake worker.

Warrina will advocate and support the woman to find suitable placement for their pet whilst staying at the refuge, After the accommodation agreement is signed and information is gathered, the woman and her children get a tour of the refuge space and shown their room. They are provided with clothing, shoes, toiletries and whatever they need to feel comfortable. The woman is allocated an individual case worker who will spend time developing a case plan addressing their safety, wellbeing and housing needs. The children will also be allocated a Child and Family caseworker who will work with them developing a case plan.